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When to pass when to receive

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Session Aim:

To recognise when to dribble and when to dribble, identifying space to exploit and support to combine with.


When to pass, when to dribble set 1:

Joe must dribble the ball through the centre square using different surface areas and ball mastery to exit the square and either dribble into the spare space or combine with the coach.


Additional challenge:

Use different ball manipulation techniques to exit the square.


Coaching points:

  • Weight/accuracy of pass when exiting the square.
  • Head up prior to entering the square and exiting the square to identify situation in front.
  • 1 touch turn when starting with new ball.


Equipment used:

  • Cones x6
  • Flats x4
  • Size 2×1
  • Size 3×1
  • Size 4×1


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