Spatial Awareness Phase 2 Foundation Football Coaching U6 U7 U8

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Spatial Awareness Phase 2 Foundation Football Coaching U6 U7 U8

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Pre Academy U6 / U7 /U8 1 on 1 Session

Spatial Awareness Football Drills

Session Topic: Space / Spatial Awareness set 2

Player name: Henry Livingstone

Session aim:

To engage the brain with a variety of decision making situations but still be able to identify space and how best to exploit it.

Spacial Awareness Set 2: 

Henry must travel with the ball into the center square then find a new space for the ball, then travel without the ball back into the center square to then repeat the process. However, all 4 balls can’t be together.

Additional challenge: Green ball = left foot      Blue ball = right foot

Coaching points:

  1. Head up when driving into the center square.
  2. Encourage skills to be used when changing direction with the ball.
  3. Change of pace when the space has been identified.

Equipment used:

  1. Cones 10
  2. Ball size 3×2
  3. Ball size 2×2

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