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The Coachbible recommends consuming good nutrition pre game; A good meal or snack at the right time can play a huge role; in how well prepared they are for football matches and training. The coach bible believes it is best practice; to eat a carbohydrate rich meal before hand.

The meals obviously can vary dependant on the timing of the game, for instance; if you were to have a game at lunch time; then a good dinner the night before full of carbohydrates the night before; would be recommended. This pre game meal could include; a wholegrain pasta dish or something of similar standard.

If the game is in the evening we would then recommend a wholegrain breakfast which could include anything from peanut butter on toast to pancakes and waffles. The key the Coachbible believes though is that; as long as we can get the right nutrition; the better the player will be on the pitch.

Pre game do not try to base your whole days intake on the 1 meal though; snacks can be equally as important. We believe it is always important to drink plenty of water or juice pre game as well. Its a good idea to have a small snack before the game also. This can include a fruit like a banana or apple or even a protein bar. About an hour before is usually good timing.

The Coachbible highly recommends always heeping fatty foods to a minimum. The body will not digest them as quickly as carbohydrates. Eating to much fat when just about to start playing football could leave you with a lot less energy. If you have not had the right nutrition, try a sports drink to get your stamina up until the end of the game and then see how you get on.but make sure to follow the coachbible’s post game meal requirements.

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